Because we all love stories...

Stories bring us close . They take us away to places we thought we could never get to...




My Brother is an ANIMAL

My brother loves drooling, scratching, roaring, climbing, wrestling, licking, tickling, and cuddling.

He sometimes reminds me of a wild little ANIMAL


My Wibbly Wobbly Brother

I Never want to be without my brother,

I want him to go nowhere, we are best friends forever and together:

We are a WIBBLY WOBBLY pair


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Behind the Author

Despite my deep love for books, I had never thought of writing one. Then after a rather traumatic incident in my life something wonderful happened. I discovered healing through writing. It became one of many magical tools that helped me break free from a difficult time.

After I had my second baby, I was blessed with a second chance at life, but as one of many side affect of a long illness, I struggled bonding with my baby. Then one day while reminiscing the carefree days of my childhood I realised how storytime every night with my dad was one of my favourite memories and how it had helped to create such a strong bond between us.

My dad used to make up stories on the spot and I was always fascinated by how he could do that. I assumed it was some sort of a special power my dad had. Sometimes he would fall asleep and I would poke his nose to wake him up so he could finish the story (I know, I know; I should have let the poor man sleep). I loved my storytime with my dad and, even though it didn't last too long, it was enough to make me feel so very loved and showed me how important I was to him.

When I started reading, my mum handed me a storybook and told me what joy I could get out of reading. That was it; I was hooked. I was off with my storybooks and my imagination. I fell in love with books.

For those of us who don't have my dad's special powers, the ability to come up with a bedtime story on the spot, we have got books. For me, storytime a way of communicating unconditional love between a child and a parent. When I read a book to my kids they know that they have my full attention and, despite how busy or distracted mummy has been during the day, they have her now. I am all theirs and they are all mine.

Reading sparks their imagination and stirs their emotions. They are either completely silent during the reading, and I can tell from their tiny little faces that they have been transported into the pages of the book (which is a truly magical thing to see), or they shriek, tickle, giggle and even scream through a story and it fills my heart with joy.

To me, storytime is much more than storytime; it's my haven and most of all I get to snuggle up with the people I love the most in the world.

Reading brings me happiness and writing brings me healing. My wish is, through my writing, for others to experience this feeling too.


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